Mar 152013


imageThese are the books I’ve purchased just in the last two weeks.

I know. It’s a sickness.

Some of them are for me. Some are for my second daughter who reads so much it makes this book-loving momma proud. Other than It Starts With Food, they are each part of a series.

Does format matter when it comes to a series?

I have this thing about each book in a series being the same format. Purchasing the first book in a series in hardcover is a serious investment, because every sequel must be purchased in hardcover or it throws off the bookshelf groove. Well, it does for me, anyway.

I couldn’t find I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You (Book 1 in the Gallagher Girls series) by Ally Carter in hardcover. Kind of bummed about that. Oh, well.

Some of these books complete a series. Others are just the beginning, and my purchase of them pretty much guarantees I’ll buy the rest so as not to have an incomplete set.

I already said it’s a sickness. And I know I’m not the only one who suffers from it. Right?

Do you prefer hardcover or paperback? What series must you have in hardcover? Does an incomplete series on your bookshelf bother you?