Feb 122014

Lately I’ve been asking myself “Why am I trying to write?”

I started out writing to gain critique experience in hopes of one day becoming a content editor (which I still hope to do). I struggled and struggled to come up with a story idea for my first manuscript.

It took months before I finally had a very small idea. Isn’t a writer supposed to be deluged with so many ideas they can’t possibly write them all? Hm, maybe that was a sign.

Critiquing and being critiqued by the great members of my Fab Five group has taught me more than I could have anticipated. I love it. They are encouraging, supportive, and honest. They give me a safe place to learn.

Now, almost three years after starting my still incomplete first draft, I only have four ideas that are sticking around. And that first idea hasn’t even hit 30k words yet. In the writing world, I am moving slower than a slug. Granted, I have four kiddos and a traveling hubby and a busy book blog. And I haven’t been the most dedicated of writers when it comes to BIC-HOK. Kind of necessary if I ever want to finish a first draft.

So I was feeling all frustrated and discouraged and doubting.

And then I read THIS.

I am a big whiny baby.

Sarah is amazing. She has dedication and strength that inspires me no end.

It’s time for me to sit down and shut up.

And write.