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May 032012

I have been waiting for this day for 365-ish days.

Today is the first day (technically) of the annual LDStorymakers Conference. I’m sitting outside of the ballroom at the Provo Marriott listening to the murmur of many dozens of voices as hard-working authors bare their souls and share their written words with a table full of fellow Bootcampers. I can feel the room buzzing with potential and I’m not even in it.

It’s not an easy thing to subject one’s hard-fought, word-filled art to dissection by others, even if the story is ultimately better for it. But that’s why everyone is here.

To STUDY their craft. To ENDEAVOR, or make an effort, to improve their writing.

This is my third LDStorymakers Conference. I missed the first five or so. I will ENDEAVOR to never miss another if I can help it. I’ve heard several people in the industry call this the best writing conference out there. I believe them.

For me, LDStorymakers Conference isn’t just about improving my writing ability. It’s about the friendship. These people are MY people. Every year for two or three days I have 500+ automatic friends. And I don’t mean on Facebook. 🙂

This is seriously the most fun I’ve ever had STUDYing. Funner than Christmas. Definitely funner than my birthday. (Sorry, honey.)

Come join us!



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  1. I came home from that conference and felt, no- I knew that it changed my life. I finally felt like I had found people just like me. People who loved talking about books, reading books, learning and talking about writing, and of course, just writing. I had an amazing time and my brain is so full right now! I just wish the conference was so much sooner than a year away!

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